• Image of (4) chocolate bars FREE USA SHIPPING
  • Image of (4) chocolate bars FREE USA SHIPPING
  • Image of (4) chocolate bars FREE USA SHIPPING
  • Image of (4) chocolate bars FREE USA SHIPPING

Here you have it. You have found the secret. (4) Substantial Chocolate bars for the price you would get them if you came to Anandamide and to top it off, free shipping.

Options are:

(4) magical maca
Magical Maca Ingredients:
Cacao, maca, Lucuma, mesquite, maple, cinnamon, Himalayan pink salt

(4) ecuador #4
Ecuador #4 Ingredients:
Cacao, Banana

(4) arctic fungi
Arctic Fungi Ingredients:
Cacao, Maple, Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)

(4) kundalini rising
Kundalini Rising ingredients:
Cacao, coconut, honey, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, turmeric, black pepper, clove

(4) magical mocha
Magical mocha ingredients:
Cacao, coconut, coffee, lions mane, cordyceps, sun-dried cane

(4) cannabidiol
Cannabidiol ingredients:
Cacao, banana, coconut, (35mg) CBD

Each bar weighs 1.25 oz.

All of our chocolate is handmade at Anandamide in Long Beach, CA. Our cacao is 100% wild-harvested raw organic from Ecuador. All of our ingredients are organic, raw, and unrefined. Please check out more information about us at our home facility's webpage : anandamide.us

Gluten free
Soy free
Dairy free
Refined sugar free
Low glycemic
You name it, we probably fit your dietary restrictions ;)

For local customers in the Greater Southern California area find us at these locations:
Raw Volution : Santa Monica.
Moon Juice : Venice, Silverlake, DTLA.
Rainbow Juices : Long Beach.
Steamed : Long Beach.
LWR : Long Beach.
Made : Long Beach.
Working Class Kitchen : Long Beach.
Somatic/Good Fortune : Long Beach.
Tru Nature : Long Beach.
Project Juice : Laguna Beach.
Organic Tree : Dana Point.
Pure Love Yoga : San Clemente.
Asana Fit : San Clemente.

For European customers please visit:

For wholesale and distribution information please call or e-mail Warren Hellerud:
(562) 507-2032

We will hold all chocolate orders until weather is deemed suitable for shipping chocolate.