• Image of Reishi/Chaga Dual Extracts

The highest quality most potent mushroom extracts you will find on the market.

Our flagship blend Mushroom Heaven is a combination of our reishi, chaga, lions mane, and cordyceps extracts. It’s formulated and comes packaged with a dosage scoop for daily use, 75 servings total (best holistic value overall). You can also try the small package as an option which comes with 15 servings, and you are guaranteed to see personal improvement using the product for 15 consecutive days.
Choose from Reishi, Chaga, Lions Mane, or Cordyceps.

All of our mushroom extracts come from the same source; a long standing traditional producer in China making what is considered there to be pharmaceutical grade. Considering the Traditional Chinese Medicine system this is no joke. These mushroom extracts go through rigorous lab analysis every production and batch produced. In China these extracts are considered to be one of the most potent solutions to ALL illnesses. Though there are many herbs available to work with in the Chinese medicine system these are the sure shots, no matter what your constitution these will benefit your life and help you overcome the various blockages you experience both internal and external.

Dosage suggestions are on each package.

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