• Image of Spirit Potion Enigma Chocolate Bar

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Spirit Potion Enigma Edition. Spirit Potion is a great benchmark recipe for enthusiasts that like to eat rich potent chocolate. Here we are exploring using different varieties singularly so you have an opportunity to test the flavor of the variety for yourself. This variety is Enigma, a cheeky nod to its completely singular character and raw form. There's just nothing out there like it. 🙏🏼 Dark Chocolate featuring a 3-mushroom blend including reishi and chaga ...potent, deep, spiritual, cleansing...

Each bar weighs 1.25 oz. All of our chocolate is handmade at Anandamide in Long Beach, CA. Our cacao is 100% wild-harvested raw organic from Ecuador. All of our ingredients are organic and raw. We will ship when ordered and in stock regardless of suitable weather conditions unless specifically noted in your order.